Useful links

Here are some links to good sources of information on living a more sustainable life, and to local organisations working on similar issues to GPG.

Advice on reducing waste and energy use

Eating Less Meat

Unless you are already vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian then eating less meat is likely to be good for your health and will certainly reduce your carbon footprint.  In fact for most people in the UK meat consumption is the greatest single factor in their carbon footprint.

  • Meat Free Mondays  gives encouragent to skip meat one day a week.
  • Flexitarians are vegetarian most of the time but still eat meat occasionally.
  • Vegetarians don’t eat meat but mostly do eat dairy produce and maybe eggs.
  • Vegans have an entirely plant-based diet (and the lowest carbon footprint diet).

Greener shopping

  • Shop Penarth – shop locally and get rewards and discounts from local businesses.
  • RCMA Farmers’ Markets – regular farmers’ markets in Cardiff (Riverside – Sundays, Roath (Saturdays), Rhiwbina and Llandaff (fortnightly Fridays). Local producers and businesses.
  • Vale Farmers Markets –  in Penarth (Westbourne school yard) and Cowbridge (Arthur John’s Car Park).

 Local green groups

Suggestions of useful links for this list are welcome, particularly those with local relevance. Please comment below, or email us at

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